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D. Gilson

1| Remixed
Jordan Stein

2| Sonnet Two
Anna Maria Hong

3| Single
Adam W. Clifton

4| Nature's Bequest: A Two-Voice Canon
Claudia Gary

5| Summer's Distillation Left
Jane Hoogestraat

6| Death Defier
Stuart Barnes

7| Unless Thou Get a Son
Ed Madden

8| A Gay Man Ponders Having Children
Stephen S. Mills

9| Issueless
Seth Pennington

10| Dear Doctor
Sonja Johanson

11| Shaken
Verna Kale

12| Sediment
Douglas Luman

13| Cariad & Gwyn
Ivy Alvarez

14| Fourteen
Leah Brennan

15| Engraft
Michele Seminara

16| Hymn for Atlanta
Peter LaBerge

17| If Only I Could Sing
Barbra Nightingale

18| Beginning Without a Question
Susan Grimm

19| The Phoenix and the Lion: A Hauntology
Patrick Thomas Henry

20| Upon Finding Online a '.jpg' Copy of the Newly Authenticated Portrait of Shakespeare by John Sanders
A.W. Strouse

21| Erroneousness at Its Finest
Haley Searls

22| Heart Swap Ward
Cameron Hunt McNabb

23| Hyberbole
Randall Mann

24| Mine eye hath play'd the painter and hath stell'd
Ellen McGrath Smith

25| Fragments of Joan
Rachel Danielle Peterson

26| Pick up the Nearest Book to You, Turn to Page 45. The Second Sentence Explains Your Love Life
Michael D. Snediker

27| Sleep Apnea
Maia Gil'Adi

28| The Temporary Rot of Insomnia
Sarah Grodzinski

29| Outcast Ballad
Jason Roush

30| Waste Then
Robert Whitehead

31| Reverence from an Irreverent Catholic
Michael Slattery

32| Night: After Well-Contented Day
Tanya Camp

33| Sunstroke
Andrea Janelle Dickens

34| Trinity
Ann Cefola

35| Wat Mahatat
Jeff Streeby

36| Farm Boys
Talin Tahajian

37| Sonnet 37
Alexandra Reisner

38| April Flowered Skies
Robert Darcy

39| Zozzled
Lynn Schmeidler

40| Slaughter in Three Parts
Bryan Borland

41| Pretty Wrongs
Lanette Cadle

42| Bend Dexter
Michael Flory

43| Dark as Light
Beth Gylys

44| Cage Me
Zack Rosen

45| On Reading Shakespeare #45 and Orwell’s Wigan Pierin the Same Late Afternoon Light
Edward Bevan

46| House of Pain
Jeffery Berg

47| So Who Am I When I’m with You
Ana Garza G'z

48| Supermarket in Brookyln
Maria Schurr

49| Succulent
Carol Dorf

50| Sonnet 50 on Coosa River Banks
Bo McGuire

51| Lovers Misread Envy Horses Homonyms
Kendra Leonard

52| Free Market
Elizabeth Thompson

53| Every (blessed) Shape We Know
Rita Cotera

54| again, we garden the increase we want prolonged
by RJ Gibson

55| The Assembly
by Terry Belew

56| eat the rich / the rectum is a grave
Theodora Danylevich

57| Pressing Love
Bonnie S. Kaplan

58| At Your Hand
Sylvia Sukop

59| If This be Form, Then Let This Not be From
Gretchen E. Henderson

60| Vestige
Christopher Kempf

61| The Watchman
Krystal Marsh

62| Selfie: I'm
Aaron DeLee

63| Drawn Lines
Robert Adams

64| Defaced
Mario DiGangi

65| The One in Which We Outwit Time
Donna Vorreyer

66| Tired for Rest
Winston H. Plowes

67| Shadow Rose
Natalie Byers

68| Running for Town Alderman
C. Russell Price

69| Although Their Eyes Were Kind
Kelly McQuain

70| Busted Sonnet to the Muse
Christopher Crawford

71| Hospital Visit
Wendy Bashant

72| Lest the World
Thomas Magnussen and Bjørn Palmqvist

73| Balancing Act
David McAleavey

74| Perfect-Perverse
Tom La Farge

75| The Full Deck
Mark Ward

76| One Foot After the Other
K. Tyler Christensen

77| A Primer
Pamela Johnson Parker

78| A Drag Queen Writes to William Shakespeare
Michael Carosone

79| The Changeful Muse
Heather Ladd

80| Roadside Boy
Paul O'Brien

81| Two Headstones
Sara Button

82| Muse, Gross Painting
Grant Metzker

83| Wagon
Samuel R. Yates

84| Facsimile
Benjamin Steiner

85| Under the Photo of Koo Koo the Bird Girl, I Let You Inside of Me
Vincent James Trimboli

86| With Will, Breakfast at Waffle House
Joshua Peter Kulseth

87| The Poem That Should Not Exist
Jonathan Hsy

88| Story of Faults Concealed
Christine Swint

89| Banister
Jack Kahn

90| Ars Poetica
Louis Maraj

91| Love Poem for a Modest Three-Bedroom Ranch
Jim Daniels

92| 92 Remixed
Wendy Walker

93| The System
Jessica Server

94| Aug. 15th for William Shakespeare
Eléna Rivera

95| Endnotes
Dustin Brookshire

96| The Wanton Youth to His Forty-Six-Year-Old Boyfriend
Michael Walsh

97| Winter Absence
Jay Stevenson

98| Absent, Dressed, Trim
Julie Houchens

99| Froward Violet
Sujata Iyengar

100| Un-a-mused
Carlton D. Fisher

101| Truant Muse
Kelly Jones

102| Sweets Grown Common
Niamh J. O'Leary

103| Dulling My Lines, and Doing Me Disgrace
RJ Ingram

104| For Fear
Beth Ayer

105| Buger, $, Wifi: Fair, Kind, and True
Julian Modugno

106| Neuer before Imprinted
Lindsay Ann Reid

107| Dream Journal: Train Ride
Kathy Gilbert

108| Remorse Re-Morsed
John J. Trause

109| Rorschach Keeps Watch
Paul Strohm

110| The Paul Simon Annotations, or, You Can Call Me Sonnet 110
Ari Friedlander

111| Eisel
David B. Goldstein

112| To O’ergreen Abysm
Rachel Levens

113| Mine Eye Untrue
Brad Clompus

114| Bathroom Selfie: every bad a perfect best
Kinsley Stocum

115| Let's Never Have It All
Randolph Pfaff

116| Old Love
Cathleen Calbert

117| Sonnet CVII+7
Martin Elwell

118| Andy Warhol, Sonnet CXVIII
Em Ruiz

119| Castro, 1986
Alison Powell

120| Because they say honesty is the best policy, but anyway who are they to say anything at all
Wythe Marschall

121| The Eleven Revere the Letter ‘e,’ Remember the Twelfth
Erik Schurink

122| Gifts
Theodora Ziolkowski

123| The Happiest You’ve Ever Been
Sarah Rubin

124| My Dear Love Erasure
Jordan Windholz

125| Until
Claude Clayton Smith

126| Sonnet 126 Remix
Matthew Hittinger

127| Dark Ladies at the Magazine Stand
Jennifer Perrine

128| Haiku for the Pianist
Tom Merrill

129| 129
Jehanne Dubrow

130| 1:30 am, Spoken in the Backseat of a Souped-up Sunbird
Antonio Vallone

131| Power Without Face
Sarah Leavens

132| Two-in-the-Morning Eyes
Eric Hack

133| Prison Moan & Mistranslation
Angelo Pastormerlo

134| Trinity
William Reichard

135| Stage Directions
D. Gilson

136| My Name is Will
Will Stockton

137| A Little Monster
Michael Basinski

138| Bar Napkin Bouts-Rimés
Moira Egan

139| Birthday Sonnet (Second Verse)
Mark Cugini

140| My Pity-Wanting Pain: A Tanka Tale
Neal Whitman

141| Proud Heart’s Slave
Daniel Zender

142| Before the Tribulation
Maggie O'Connor

143| Euphemism and Taxonomy: Wild Domestic Birds
Alexandra Edelblute

144| Akuna's Bad Translator
Ross McCleary

145| Re: CXLV
Andy Decker

146| When My Mother Calls Me Thin
Caroline Tanski

147| Weak Constitution
Lisa Ampleman

148| Mine Eye
Dianne Berg

149| Sinew is a Thing We Have Uses For
Chris Emslie

150| Still Life with Unrequited Love
Jennifer Franklin

151| Conscious Young, Body Treason
Kevin Barton

152| Here & Not Here: New Love Bearings
Jennifer Murvin

153| Sonnet 153 while you were sleeping
Pamela Allen Brown

154| I Don't Understand Shakespeare's Sonnet #154
Wayne Koestenbaum

Afterword| Remixing as Performance
Ayanna Thompson

Cover art by Christopher Cunetto

August 11, 2014

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