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96| The Wanton Youth to his Forty-Six-Year-Old Boyfriend

Michael Walsh


Instead of going to my senior prom, I go to your house
with my mother's permission, but not her knowledge
of how I plan to entrance you with my cock and ass.
It's three months before I leave for college, the plan
to use you up and dump you. All evening
like a lech you inch closer on the couch.
It's easy to let you think you're in charge.
Afterwards, you do anything I want: buy me clothes, lie
to my mother, fuck and suck me, give me your credit card.
Around your gay friends, you show me off like a prize
they can't win, but your straight friends are aghast
at the age gap, the fools unable to believe in my agency.
      Some would say you used me more, but I took
      everything you gave without a wink of heartbreak.

Michael Walsh is the author of The Dirt Riddles, winner of the inaugural Miller Williams Prize in Poetry from the University of Arkansas Press as well as the 2011 Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry. His poetry chapbooks from Red Dragonfly Press include Adam Walking the Garden and Sleepwalks. He lives in Minneapolis.

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