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95| Endnotes

Dustin Brookshire


Sitting at his kitchen table,
typing on our Macs,
he stops to say,
You have beautiful eyes.
I blush —
slip my left foot from its shoe,
place it on top of his right foot.
I don't take my eyes from the screen.
I discuss our assignment -
page length, margins, footnotes,
and endnotes,
remind him it's 35 percent
of our grade. I look to see
that he's no longer staring at me,
his eyes fixed on the door.
His boyfriend ordered
us a pizza, walked out
saying, I'll get out of your hair.

I'm the seven year itch
begging to be scratched.
I pull him to their couch.
We sit side by side.
Can we hold each other?
he asks. Sure, I reply.
All the while he stares
out the window to the driveway
looking for the pizza delivery man,
his boyfriend, or the guilt that should
be rising inside us both like the tide.

Dustin Brookshire is a poet & Dolly fanatic who calls Atlanta home. His debut chapbook, To The One Who Raped Me, was published in 2012 by Sibling Rivalry Press. Visit him online at

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