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90| Ars Poetica

Louis Maraj


Be my last cigarette. I’ll buy
      a fresh pack and you’ll become
            the first. I quit. Cancer’s as bad

            as liver disease or dementia. I have
      just as good of a hypothetical
chance at being the excuse

for wailing, flailing shrills of an ambulance
      you had to wait on even with your green
            light, tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, will you

            let me drunk-drive you home drunk, and while I drag
      on my last cigarette, will you suck on my cock as if it were
the last cock you’d know as you blow and we swerve

abandoned, and I cum triumphant,
      into the concrete median? I quit. Let’s
            watch TV, as that siren is only momentary

            distraction and our bodies converge
      to a median — the other, math
median — tomorrow night. I quit.

Louis Maraj holds an MA in English/Creative Writing from Texas Tech and currently studies Renaissance poetics at The Ohio State University. His recent creative work can be found in Spillway, New Texas, Rock & Sling and is forthcoming in Pea River Journal and Paper Nautilus.

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