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9| Issueless

Seth Pennington


Mother's breathing fear
of losing, her loss, what really was
lost in the foil of river and Chevrolet
crimping first son's lungs, quiets now twenty
years after, after lasting son sings his choice to
widow every woman he once promised, sings
to a man with a soft jaw and slight shoulder
he calls home. Mother answers gravely; she's grown
accustomed to feral cats more than people.
Always she begins, Why not have a woman, for
the chance? Mother stops to breathe, sniffs, is
curbed and tied with the news of two fathers,
listens for small feet crunching leaf or snow piles,
and like a burial vault flooded, pushed to surface, a smile.

Seth Pennington grew up in the minnow farm capital of Lonoke, Arkansas, as the son of a mortician. He is the Associate Editor of Sibling Rivalry Press and the poetry journal Assaracus. He served as Poetry Editor of Equinox, the student-run journal of literature and art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock from 2012-2013.

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