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89| Banister

Jack Kahn


Don’t care what the haters say because
I say it more and I said it first
Sometimes retweets and the favorites feel so real
Like really real because I can count affirmation on my fingers
Which is not something I can say about you or a lot of other people
Who make me want to take up telepathy, sometimes

And if I can’t lay myself out on a map
Or assign a Klout score to my ego
I can pick my emotional scabs until it feels like I’m doing you a service
I can have another panic attack about how I can never know exactly how I smell with perfect accuracy
I can eat almond shavings until they taste like cardboard
I can ask my Facebook friends to help me translate your latest snapchats
I can wonder why you didn’t follow back

But anything you could have thought
I thought more
And first
Partly because if you aren’t completely embarrassed of yourself 6 months ago
It’s a sign you might be basic
And maybe it’s all for you but I wouldn’t admit that I guess
And you wouldn’t want me to I guess

And I would delete a tweet that you don’t favorite
Because life’s too hard without a banister
So if you won’t hold my hand I can always grab onto my neck
Or fall on my face
And it would all be for you
Or least for the retweet

Jack Kahn is a student and social media enthusiast from Claremont, CA. He writes about Twitter, race, digital media, viruses, disability, technoscience, narcissism, and celebrity.

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