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88| Story of Faults Concealed

Christine Swint


Our first date was a flyweight boxing match
I can’t recall, only the veil of snow
Flying with the wind under the street lamps,
Snow falling on his dark mustache, his mouth,
The cold kiss as we waited for the train.
The golden orb of light around his hair
Glowed like the Christmas Eve we met, when lamps
Traced the gold in his cable knit sweater.
Maybe the white-veiled lights made some magic,
So that later, when he began to doubt me
And went to tell his worries to a priest,
I knew he would not ever try to leave.
He never saw me in the purest light
As when those lamps were lit, after the fight.

Christine Swint received an MFA in creative writing from Georgia State University in 2013, where she taught English composition and introductory poetry writing. A former Spanish instructor, she holds an MA in Spanish language and literature from Middlebury College and a BA in English and Spanish from the University of Georgia. Her poems have appeared most recently or are forthcoming in Slant, Shadowbox, Flycatcher, and Tampa Review. As a student, she won the 2012 Agnes Scott Writer's Festival Award in poetry.

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