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86| With Will, Breakfast at Waffle House

Clemson, South Carolina

Joshua Peter Kulseth


Last week the exact same thing happened
to me, (Miss, more coffee, please) some
chick I wanted filling up this other guy’s line,
inflating his sails.

I mean sure, spirits talk —
give me a verse on occasion.
It’s the Holy Spirit, really, but digressing,
the point, a conspiracy theory, this guy’s poetry

is no good; it’s lousy, really . . . er,
if he writes it lacks any heart —
He’s a med student
with dual citizenship,

a year tour guiding in Prague
and another in Dublin
healing the sick (Miss, can we get
some syrup?
) and giving sight to the blind.

He’s rich as hell (his father’s the head of radiology),
and he goes home early to drink wine
and watch the history channel. And fuck him.
Ethiopia was never colonized,

so his quip about the Italian influence
in Ethiopian food being a result
of colonization
is wrong, and I didn’t need help

pointing it out to you over dinner.
Hell, he wouldn’t know
a limerick from a villanelle
(Miss, our check, please?)

if it bit him on the ass.
Anyway my sail’s bigger.

Joshua Peter Kulseth holds a BA in English from Clemson University. He plans to pursue an MFA in creative writing next year.

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