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81| Two Headstones

Sara Button

My dear, dear darling,
Yes, one of us will live
to bury the other.
We are not, after all,
a pair of your star-crossed lovers.

Maybe you’ll go first:
a tavern brawl,
a pox o’ your throat,
a fever.

Maybe your grave will
be common, will
be on the bank of a river,
will: be earth, nature’s mother, your tomb.

Maybe I will come first
beneath your feet:
drown’d in a weeping brook, or
fallen on a battlefield, or
nurse to sharp teeth on my breast.

But forget tongues and monuments,
forget sepulchers and breathers and pens.
Today be happy that you love
And be loved.

Strike up, pipers.

Sara Button is an MFA candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. Her favorite supporting character in Shakespeare has always been Benvolio.

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