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75| The Full Deck

Mark Ward


“So, are you?” The expectance of being.
3a.m. similarities, a lean-across bare graze.
We’re an inflexion; masculine matter of fact.
A rigid flicker to my thoughts,

your cast-wide question is as food to me.
I can shapeshift a response, release
the need for certainty with a devouring of skin.
A potent memory burn, a meta-fantastic go-to life

and life in this moment splits into parallelograms
with possibly selfless, uninterested or leading answers.
Your flaw is that you’re genuinely asking.
This naïveté as pretty to a predator as food.

My thoughts turn to responsible victory
and the physical prowess from verbal parlay.
I close my eyes in readiness for perfection
and feel a hand grope and hear “So, you are.”

Mark Ward is a poet, playwright, and noise musician from Dublin, Ireland. His plays include The Middle Distance, Saliva, and Blue Boy. He makes noise music under the name Where is This and runs the independent record label, Bored Bear Recordings. His prose has been published in Jonathan and the Queer in Brighton anthology. His poetry has been featured in Assaracus, Glitterwolf, Storm Cellar, and The Good Men Project. He has recently completed work on his first full-length collection, Circumference, which will form the first part of his American G.I. series. Find Mark at

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