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74| Perfect-Perverse

Tom La Farge

Yet be sweet-tempered when the deft, fell gent
wrecks me then speeds me deep — ex-restless me.
Well, then, remember, exegete, the text
left thee — steep verse, yet well respected theme.

Present recedes. The excrement reverts,
the fever-peel fleet festers: elements.
Then keep the echt best me, the clever, deep,
demented, slender reed’s reflected sense.

The wretched sex, the eyes, legs, knees, spleen sleep
between the beets — dregs. Never be depressed,
when the embezzler’s edge ends me, ne’er weep.
Keep essence present when mere feces rest.

Excellence yet emerges, bent: the verse
perfect-perverse, the beveled sense; deep; terse.

Tom La Farge has written two novels, Zuntig and The Crimson Bears, and a book of tales, Terror of Earth. He co-founded the Writhing Society, a weekly salon for constrained writing in Brooklyn, and has published the first three pamphlets of a manual, 13 Writhing Machines, explaining various constraints. He edits the blog “Three Writhings” appeared in the &Now Awards 2009. His cut-up chapbook Life and Conversation of Animals appeared in 2010. He’s currently working on three novels in various stages of completion. He lives in Brooklyn and is Managing Editor of Proteotypes, the publishing arm of Proteus Gowanus.

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