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70| Busted Sonnet to the Muse

Christopher Crawford


Listen not to the public crybaby
— H.D. Dinken

Whenever I say to my friends
look, that girl is hot,
nine times from ten
they’ll say, what?
The fat one?

The fat one?
Pardon me, I didn’t realize
she’s a lazy, greedy waste
of space, I only saw her eyes:
Turkish and black, my tastes

run that way: womanly,
with a beautiful face.
There’s a higher authority
than me
I’ve found:

I listen to my cock and not
the other way around.

Christopher Crawford’s poetry, essays and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in magazines like The Rumpus, Plume, Rattle, The Collagist, Puerto del Sol, The Cortland Review, Weave and elsewhere. He edits B O  D  Y.

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