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68| Running for Town Alderman

C. Russell Price


First you were a mountain
patrol ranger then a baseball
teammate, but earning
that vote got me rigid.
To live a second life
on second head;
Ere beauty's dead
fleece made another gay:

Every fap is to the snap
of your robin blue jockstrap
beneath a crimson robe
in a no-car garage.
How was prison?
That one scene; that one time.
Alone with myself, the man
(I want to fuck) asks who to cast
in our dream space themed porno.
I say you—all blue moons—and show him
you like a poem, a poem I said,
I’d been wanting
to show someone.
Like a koi pond, he looks at your guns,
the cowboy vid and back at me and back
at you as him as you as him and our legs begin
to wrestle. We leave the music
and your moaning on. We cum like credits.
For years, I kept you in a folder—I pull you
out and around when he is gone.
Sweetheart, the clock’s broken,
put on your things and go on home.

C. Russell Price received his BA from The University of Virginia and his MFA from Northwestern University. His work has appeared in Assaracus, North Chicago Review, Weave, and elsewhere. He currently serves as the Senior Poetry Editor of TriQuarterly.

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