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65| The One in Which We Outwit Time

Donna Vorreyer


Days are not flowers – their mortality
is perpetual, an indrawn breath whose
sad action of exhaling can lay siege
to even stone. Beauty can be spoiled too
easily – a misplaced hand, some fearful
rage battering a jewel to dust, but
time inks its impregnable miracle
on every brass expanse of skin. So let
summer’s boundless honey harden to steel,
the black forbidden gates of winter melt.
You shine beside me, the swift sea at heel,
each stout vow you whisper felt in my chest,
a bullet meditation. The earth spins
decay, and all things end. Here we begin.

Donna Vorreyer is a Chicago-area writer who spends her days teaching middle school. Her work has appeared in many journals including Rhino, Linebreak, Cider Press Review, Stirring, Sweet, wicked alice, and Weave. Her fifth chapbook, We Build Houses of Our Bodies, is forthcoming this year from Dancing Girl Press; in addition, her first full-length poetry collection, A House of Many Windows, is now available from Sundress Publications. Vorreyer serves as a poetry editor for Mixed Fruit magazine. Visit her online at

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