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62| Selfie: I'm

Aaron DeLee


Businesslike, straight to a point,
        Feet on the floor, and low-balled.
Squared like a patch of flannel. An eager
        Finger pressed against the neck’s pulse.
Stuckup like a closeted suitcoat,
        Stuffing my pockets, as dealers do.
Grizzled as gray hair from Labor
        Day weekend to IML.
O Big Dipper, my measly noose.

Plain as bagels and sought like socks.
        Closer than your front stoop.
Near-blinded Cyclops, our spit roast
        Spun as a revolving door at noon,
Like a flush of the toilet.
         A flock of cocks, all squawks.
Heady as a pour of homebrew.
        Hard, like a lump in the throat.
A piss-poor job, with pants down.

Aaron DeLee graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University in 2013. He has been published in various journals, including Court Green, Assaracus, Interrobang, and others. He currently lives in Chicago, where he is training for his second "Tough Mudder."

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