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56| eat the rich / the rectum is a grave

Theodora Danylevich


Sweat, leave, run you by force; but be not sad.
They hedge their blunder on their appetite:
Which butt today by feeding is allay’d?
To mull over shade in this famous night:
So, let’s be foul. Although you fail
the hunger-race event, only the Quick will end
the merry games. Entrance to kill
this pirate of love: Whisper petulant address,
let a sudden tongue lick them all shiny
sick parts to show where they contract in you,
come daily to the banks, then one day see
rectum of load more blasphemy than you.

Orcholid winter wilts Being full of care
makes somber welcome there is more Ishmael.

Theodora Danylevich is a PhD Candidate in American Literature and Culture at The George Washington University. Academically, she writes about [sic]k performativity. Poetically, she dabbles in homophonic translation, of which some of her work with the Old English of Beowulf has appeared in Vanitas 4, Phoebe, and

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