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55| The Assembly

Terry Belew


Dulled like an aging tattoo, these vibrancies
have come to an end. The flood of pens and papers,
of computer screens and typefaces, of news
and propaganda, of voices and faces. Blind
with no cane to tap on the sidewalk, to time
the sounds from so many vehicles passing,
so many people talking talking talking,
to make sense of things, to pass the time.
Named and nameless, anonymous yet identified
as a crowd, to bear down on or uplift,
A type to remember briefly then forget. Swallowed
by assembly lines, a shared cubicle, a grocery superstore.
A festival where words are for sale but the price
is too high, letters like pale stones sinking in a dark lake.

Terry Belew is a creative writing student at Missouri State University. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Quarterly, Midwestern Gothic, and Big River Poetry Review.

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