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51| Lovers Misread Envy Horses Homonyms

Kendra Leonard


The rider leaves the lover daily
for a dun(g) mistress, whose
black hairs like wire cling
to clothes
when they fall from a well-groomed
mane and tail.

The rider and the dull communicate
in ways the lover only hopes to replicate
through the mouth
the legs
the seat
the hands.
The rider and the mount are one
Infidelity is not unfaithful.
The rider and the lover
they speed to one another, fleshily,

confused for one another.
Paged, or comingled
in the words of the romance
A rider can mount,
a rider can post
(that forwards-backwards-up-and-down
makes the trot a pleasure). Measure:
a rider can build to a canter
(ridden sitting deeply)
and rise
up over
a hill, a mound, a bush, a blush,
and hush,

until dully,
the dun(g)'s fully spent.

Kendra Leonard is a poet whose work has appeared in Haggard and Halloo and is forthcoming in The Hartskill Review.

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