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50| Sonnet 50 on Coosa River Banks

Bo McGuire


take this whole river like it was one day, throw it
back in my face, take the steam, take the reap
out back and rape him. this is not a joke. no one here
is smiling. if you think you are smiling, you are grinning
sinister. i miss hearing your voice in the dark moon, but fuck it
you are a coward in love — nothing to hate worse, nothing to hate
more is what i don’t need. i want to starve, i want
the man who wants to be beyoncé, i wish
i could find the man who said, goddamn, your eyes —
all the scars of the world.
he was so close
i am so far from remembering anything that is worth
anything you won’t give me won’t be enough
so, just be gone, just
disappear, ghost

Bo McGuire hails from Hokes Bluff, Alabama. The son of a Waffle House cook and his third-shift waitress, he currently hammers out spectacles in the grad film program at NYU. He suffers the city mostly gladly. Other poems can be found in other places like Handsome, Poets & Artists, and Lana Turner. Palms up for Dolly Parton.

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