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49| Succulent

Carol Dorf


If that time comes when you and I called
to an audit bring all the receipts — all travel
ledgers, postcards from museums packed
against time, cafes with their tiny espressos,
and most certainly the dark, settled gravity
of hotel rooms. If I were to love you in the desert,
could we list the causes that end love? If I hold
you as we cross the arroyo, will this water hold tight?

Carol Dorf's poetry has been published in Spillway, Sin Fronteras, Antiphon, Composite, Occupy SF, Fringe, About Place, The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Scientific American, Maintenant, OVS, Best of Indie New England Lit, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, Every Evening Deserves A Title, is available from Delirious Nonce Publications. She is poetry editor of Talking Writing and teaches mathematics at Berkeley High School.

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