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48| Supermarket in Brooklyn

Maria Schurr


How cooly did I choose my course,
Little nothings on lockdown,
That would still be untried if it were up to me,
From lying fists, in rooms of hope!
But you, who see nothing of my prizes,
The desire for comfort, now void of gloom,
You, my top love and my only squeeze,
Now left the prey of every dirty thief.
You, whom I would never horde,
Except where you do not rest, though I feel your presence there,
Within the secure fold of my chest,
From where, in bliss, you might come, you might go;
Even then you could be stolen I worry,
For truth proves sly for such prized bounty.

Maria Schurr is a Pennsylvania native who now resides in Brooklyn. She first came to the city to study Creative Non-Fiction at The New School, where she received an MFA in 2008. Maria is a Library Technician at the Thomas J. Watson Library in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and volunteers as an Associate Editor for the heavily trafficked pop culture site PopMatters. Maria’s work has appeared in The Quay and Proteotypes. She is a member of The Writhing Society, which champions constrained writing; her manipulations of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 48 employ constraints practiced in the group. Maria likes dogs and her boyfriend. She also still likes New York.

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