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47| So Who Am I When I’m with You

Ana Garza G'z


So who am I when I’m with you:
a woman rising from a wand of light
as pink and gold as daybreak slipping through
threadbare sheets, a knee-length T, the funk of night?

Who am I inside your thoughts: the start
and chorus of a song that seeks your hands
to fill them with my voice and keep you hard
at work with mowers, trash cans, and other nags?

Who am I when I’m not here? What shapes -
the saggy breasts, the serving bowls for hips,
the broken teeth—tumble into place
to make me? What memories of fingertips

am I to you? The goddess and the muse
alive inside my skin each time you look.

Ana Garza G'z has an MFA from California State University, Fresno. Fifty of her poems have appeared in various journals and anthologies, most recently in Damselfly and Pentimento. She teaches and works as a community interpreter and translator.

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