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44| Cage Me

Zack Rosen


If my hard, pink dick were a function of my soul,
I’d fuck you in the astral with golden beams;
mere miles w’nt keep my heart from your hole,
our hands clenched closer than any two screens.
So when I’d jerk off in the lavat’ry
on the Cascade’s Line, plugged with my own thumb,
my soul’s super soaker shoots far from me,
cov’ring your warm, distant belly in cum.
Oh! How I’d kill us to flipflopfuck souls.
To let me ease inside your aether? Yes!
But the road waits for no one and I take tolls —
to nickle and dime you for a present body’s bliss.
When the wet empty ones split back in two,
I wipe his soul off my chest and speak of you.

Zack Rosen’s writing has been published in The Washington Blade, Queerty, Out, The Advocate, The New Gay, Metro Weekly, Huffington Post, The New York Post, The Washington Post, Jezebel, and elsewhere.

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