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43| Dark as Light

Beth Gylys


So stupid, I know, to love a man part shade,
your blue eyes dark, your laughter like a bell
announcing something dire. I was afraid
of you, afraid of myself. I felt unwell,
although I feigned disinterest, swirled my drink
and stared across the bar. Still, my hand
kept wanting to cup your cheek. I couldn’t think
of what to say to you, I hadn’t planned
at all. I’d asked you here. I needed to talk,
I’d said. But you were married, and I a fool’s
fool who could not reason. The icy walk,
and me sliding fast downhill on waxed soles.
       You touched my arm then, and I melted and froze.
       And when you looked at me, I died and rose.

Beth Gylys is a Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia State University. She has two published collections of poetry (Bodies that Hum and Spot in the Dark) and two chapbooks (Balloon Heart and Matchbook).

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