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42| Bend Dexter

Michael Flory


That yet hath love it said my me my dear,
And she in her be of me all her chief;
That loss hast may is touch not loving near,
A thou it thee that is I wail more grief.

Love dost my friend her cause doth to ex-love me,
Thou for my fend be so sake will I use her;
And ring of her even my I know'st approve ye,
Suffing love sake for thus thou she abuse her.

If lost each my, my friend, I me love's loss,
And find for thee my and on my that twain;
Both both lose her; her lay is found both cross,
And I in goth sake loss hath lose this gain.

But flat the then; my loves and me are lone;
Sweet here! Try joy, she friend but I a one.

Michael Flory, research scientist by day, quasi-Oulipian by night, is a regular at the Wednesday salons of that other noted W.S., the Writhing Society, a workshop devoted to the production of constrained writing.

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