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41| Pretty Wrongs

Sonnets 64 & 41

Lanette Cadle


When I see time defied by Botoxed skin,
that puny hope, a frantic pose that shaves
years back ‘til diet fails and muscles thin
to death, I see a life turned hopeless slave
to regimen, and wonder where’s the gain
in being a hungry ocean lost without a shore,
no shifting sand, but also much less sane
than taking what the years have in store.
If liposuction is my only hope,
the only way to keep my love at home,
my choice is clear: choose life and try to cope
without the awful thought that he might roam.
Since skin cannot confound decay so rapid,
I choose to find a lover much less vapid.

Lanette Cadle is an Associate Professor of English at Missouri State University, where she is also an editor for Moon City Press. She has previously published poetry in Connecticut Review, Crab Orchard Review, NEAT, and Menacing Hedge, and she has work forthcoming in Elder Mountain. She is a past recipient of the Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred.

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