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40| Slaughter in Three Parts

Bryan Borland



Halfway home the sky turns violent. I drive them
together, cannot see the road in front of me. It is my eyes

that betray me, that after such distance bleed for sleep
so I can dream these poems.


He tells me dreams and poems
mean nothing.

But I do dream, of my lightningrod
spine shattered by passing trains.

In the refrigerator his food
attacks itself: the spoils of war.


We together murder everything,
pull honeysuckle from the ground

with angry hands. I call my mother
in tears. I am alone

when I wake to find them
watching television without me.

Bryan Borland is founder and publisher of Sibling Rivalry Press and editor of Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry, one of Library Journal’s “Best New Magazines” of 2011. He is the author of the American Library Association-honored My Life as Adam and most recently of Less Fortunate Pirates: Poems from the First Year Without My Father. He lives in Alexander, Arkansas, with his husband, Seth Pennington. His website is

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