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37| Sonnet 37

Alexandra Reisner



I’m literally so bored one day someone will write a sonnet about it. @JenVonLee

Wilfredo Mercado, age 37, International Hilton Company; Purchasing Agent for Windows on the World. #WTC1993 @Sept11Memorial

An entire family wearing straw hats: the father in a tasteful panama, the mother in a floppy sun hat, the decrepit son in a fedora. @spoonforknife

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. What new habits could you form that would help your marriage and delight your spouse? @nancywasson

How active is your child? Take our quiz to find out! @healthychildren

I feel badly for the generation of youth that didn't share 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' as a reference point. @SheckyGreen

I forgot that I made a facebook for my cat. Realizing how lame that was. @kimxmetts

As long as you are occupied, I’ll say a little prayer for you, dearest Catalonia. It’s gonna happen, sooner than later. In spite of them all @Jordi_Baez

At least I can take comfort in the fact that my dad is still sending me photos of the fake grass he put in the backyard. #family @julia_paleski

How will you sharpen your personal brand, live your truth and reframe your narrative? These are the only 2014 questions worth asking. @morningmoneyben

Between hair, nails, eyebrows, tanning, gym memberships, beauty products & new clothes…I can’t afford to birth any females. Ever. @RachelEWilliams

Wealth to me means the ability to fully experience life…It has nothing to do wit money… @DaReal_JuicyDay

Here’s the thing with all of these unpaid internships in any industry, only those with no financial concerns can afford them. @Karnythia

Ten or more people killed in Iraq violence on all but three days so far this month; 614 dead since 1 Feb. @wgdunlop

“Girl parts” always evokes the image of the Ikea plastic baggy of nuts and bolts and screws and a manual entitled “GYRL” @werewolfporn

SIT TIGHT has been crowned BEST CELLULITE CREAM 2013 in the @WomanMagazine Beauty Confidence Awards! @SoapandGlory

JESUS is my firm, unshakeable, fixed, immovable, rock-solid foundation. I am rooted, established, entrenched, engrafted in His LOVE for me! @JaredKutz

Stop by the Mandarin store between 11am & 4pm this Saturday to try Sunrawise 100% Artisan Vegan Cheeses! @nativesunjax

I am single. I am not lame. I am bettering myself each day. I am living that crossfit life. @Dave_956

If only the poor in the US despised Reagan as much as the poor in the UK despised Thatcher. @infomorph

Apparently a bunny doth came out of a hole and saw its shadow on a cross or something today. @Rorschach7

My indifference is at such a high level with women that the hottest chick could be talking to me and I wouldn’t care. Give me substance. @maulingmueller

I need smaller thys so I can buy an abundance of thy highs @cbastien26

Before I went out last night I gave myself a long pep talk about no shots and no Red Bull. Sufficed to say I am a huge failure. @Gbone77

A huge part of all the protests is a failure of governments to have a ‘Rule of Law’ that protects public from corruption on every level. @clancycnn

I feel bad for people who live in a city where it’s hard to find a diverse selection of quality weed, your day of glory shall come @BlueDreamer420

the worst feeling is when you look in the mirror and you hate what you see even if you’ve tried your best to change it @Judith_63

All I wish is that I had a best friend that would always be there for me no matter what. @BukatyKelsi

Wish I was getting a refund this year, Uncle Sam says I still owe him money. gotta have a baby or something lol @HTXSavage

Happy couples make me feel ten times more lonely. @Alexandra_Darch

Alexandra Reisner is a writer based in New Orleans with roots in New York and, before that, Hungary. Her work has appeared in the Carolina Quarterly, PANK, Cobalt Review, The Columbia Current, and elsewhere. She loves words and their origins, but always has to stop and make sure in her head that she's about to say, "etymology," and not, "entomology," or is it the other way around? Find her on Twitter: @juvenalia.

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