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35| Wat Mahatat

Jeff Streeby


The root of suffering is attachment.
— Gautama Buddha

The usual heat.
Already storm clouds rise at the horizon.

Today the shrine under the banyan is empty,
its gentle Buddha deserted, abandoned to his noose of roots.

Soon rain will fall in torrents and the fragrant air will grow heavier;
the roots of the strangler fig will swell imperceptibly and move the temple stones.

The earbuds on your smartphone have cut us off again.

How strange this place, yet I think it really little different from home.

Together we wander the grounds, gradually disconnecting.

Rain. Ruin.

Dull epiphany.

             A red-backed kite calls from the sheoak,
                          ghost moths,
                                       the wary dhole in the shadows.

Jeff Streeby holds an MFA in Poetry from Gerald Stern’s program at New England College in New Hampshire. His poetry has appeared in Ginosko, Southwest American Literature, Los Angeles Review, Rattle, and many others. His poem “Biography” won the 2013 Provincetown OuterMost Community Radio Poetry Award judged by Marge Piercy. He is a Senior Lecturer in English and History at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand.

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