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28| The Temporary Rot of Insomnia

Sarah Grodzinski


Your plastic cupid skin was once refreshing,
your temples glowed gold.
Now the moonlight and the sharpness
of the changing seasons
washes them away.
I crave the flannel sheets of my bed
to retire the throb
of my unquiet mind.
It stirs me from sleep
and glues my eyes to the ceiling
to stare in agony at the stains
made from the rainwater
which leaks through my roof.
I make out a picture of a cat,
of a woman on a rocking chair.
You, my presenter of scorn, presenter of merit,
turn me into a reckless wanderer
when all I crave is to break
consciousness as the pores of the evening
slowly drain.

Sarah Grodzinski earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Chatham University. She is currently an Instructor of Writing at Lebanon Valley College. She has had poems published in Off The Coast, The Burning Word Press, and The Red Clay Review. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing tennis and going to concerts.

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