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21| Erroneousness at Its Finest

Haley Searls


Look! Can you not measure his beauty
without comparison? Is there anything more true
than what is looking you in the eye? I write
for my beloved, and myself. That is the only purpose.
When you boast at the expense of love
no praise should be given more than need be.

This is your declaration: Although I am physically unable to be
by your side, I am consciously aware that your beauty
surpasses all other things. I am entirely in love
with every aspect of you. Your voice, speaks true
locutions of gold with each phrase saturated with purpose.
There is nothing, nothing in this world that I could write

About, that would explain to any creature the right
amount of splendor you possess. If you were to be
a flower, your fragrance would serve no other purpose
than to be inhaled by the gods, and the twinkling beauty
of your eyes would light their heavens. What I say is true.

Again, that is your proclamation, of your love.

Now I will tell you how I, a person feeling genuine love
would define my beloved. I would only ever write
about my love in a way that illustrated his beauty to be true.
Even though my adoration spreads past the Earth’s end, my darling will only be
equated to any other human being. His eyes will light mine with their beauty
but not as bright as the stars light the universe. As a flower, the purpose

Of his aroma will be for me, and for me alone to breathe. For the purpose
of breathing is to give life, and my life is my love.
I will not, and cannot truthfully compare the beauty
of my treasure to the treasure that authors write
about in a privateer novel. For that would be
an exaggeration, and naturally un-true.

A comparison of my love that would be true,
would actually be no comparison at all, but a statement, whose purpose
would serve none other than to indicate how my darling should be
defined. You should not relate your one-and-only love
to one or more objects that are far beyond comparison. But write
with integrity about the simplicity of his beauty.

Because what I am experiencing is nothing more than true love,
I cannot tolerate those, whose purpose is to write
About, and be pretentious with, their beloved’s beauty.

Haley Searls is a sophomore at The Ohio State University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in French. She also enjoys taking English classes, specifically creative writing, and writing poetry. After she graduates she intends on moving back to Washington D.C., where her parents reside, to attend law school.

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