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18| Beginning Without a Question

Susan Grimm


When I pinned your blue eye. When I collected
my sweat in a jar. When I fingered the scabs

of my knees like a phrenologist. Was it
summer, some wind. Handsome meant

easy to handle then. I was so pliant
there was no plaint yet. Sometime

long ago. So long it became a way to say
goodbye. Clover chains — they cannot

hold you. A frolic of grass. Some wind
meddlesome in your hair. When you toss

back your head. The sun and trees quarrel-
some. The wind a lisping of invisible stars.

Susan Grimm’s poems have appeared in Blackbird, Poetry East, The Journal, and other publications. Her book of poems, Lake Erie Blue, was published by BkMk Press in 2004. She also edited Ordering the Storm: How to Put Together a Book of Poems (2006). She won the inaugural Copper Nickel Poetry Prize (2010) and the Hayden Carruth Poetry Prize (2011). Her chapbook Roughed Up by the Sun’s Mothering Tongue was published by Finishing Line Press in 2011. She blogs at The White Space Inside the Poem.

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