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150| Still Life with Unrequited Love

Jennifer Franklin


I stitched my heart to him to heal his hurt.
But you are the only one who could ever
Love me — I feed your insatiable desire
For praise. Even after I saw the mean-spirited
Mind that lurked beneath the empathy
Of your written words, I still want you —
To rescue you from sorrow. I am satisfied
To feel your cruel love from across our
Wide river. But if you were here, you could
Turn this asylum into song, sung into my ear
To stay me. In my Gitto blue bedroom,
I can feel the way you would kiss
The scars on my neck as if they were sugar,
As if they were sonnets, as if they were stars.

Jennifer Franklin holds an MFA from Columbia University. She was featured in The Paris Review’s “Ten New Poets” issue and her chapbook, Persephone’s Ransom, is available from Finishing Line Press.

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