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139| Birthday Sonnet (Second Verse)

Mark Cugini


Who could forget that summer at the Westin
When you swooned over my Margiela
Lifted me by the cheeks and flew
Me out of my Faire Frou Frou
My Suntan Matte smudged on your thighs
And yet still thy awhuh’d for another honey
My family filleted you and tossed you
With mâche when they heard you whisper
I will turn you back to a pedestrian
As if my Sergio Rossi ankle boots
Were made for anything but
Hiding up these hellacious white hillsides
Like some desperate vulture
But O! Yeezy! I wore my lyana Sergeenko in the spring,
The hemline draped halfway to my heart
While my beloved thumbed through look books
But I was the one thrown atop your engine
They called it hackney, we called it art
I called you from the back of the Maybach
And said They will never bind 2 me
Yet they reaching and they grasping and
O! We will set the steeds loose
They will want it all back.

Mark Cugini is the author of I'm Just Happy To Be Here (Ink Press, 2014). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Melville House, Hobart, Sink Review, Fanzine, NOÖ, Everday Genius (6x), and other publications. He’s a founding editor of Big Lucks, a workshop instructor at The Writer’s Center in Washington, DC, and a recipient of a Scholarship Grant to the Juniper Summer Writing Institute at UMass Amherst. In 2013, he was named one of the Top 200 Advocates of American Poetry by The Huffington Post.

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