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136| My Name is Will

Will Stockton


He will fuck you, I think
he will when he fills your will
with his two fingers, admitted there

where I am not. Name
your love
, he says, what
you will
, and presses pause

on this play to piss.
I pull your eyes to mine
as his will relaxes.

Our strokes will synchronize
as piss dribbles through your hair,
down your chest, your thighs,

to the shower floor he will
order you to lick, to will
your tongue between his toes,

and I will come,
our wills fulfilled
in this sequence

of threesomes – me the third,
the number reckoned none.

Will Stockton is Associate Professor of English at Clemson University and editor of Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies. He is the author of Playing Dirty: Sexuality and Waste in Early Modern Comedy (University of Minnesota Press, 2011) and co-editor of Sex before Sex: Figuring the Act in Early Modern England (University of Minnesota Press, 2013) and Queer Renaissance Historiography: Backward Gaze (Ashgate, 2009). With D. Gilson, he has authored a book of poems and essays entitled Crush (Punctum Books, 2014) and the chapbook Gay Boys Write Straight Porn (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2014). His poems have appeared in journals including Assaracus, Bloom, Fourth River, PANK, and Weave. Find him at

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