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133| Prison Moan & Mistranslation

Angelo Pastormerlo


It is a pity that my heart moans over me and over my friends! Is it not enough to torture me alone in this bondage & slave cute or friends & but what then happens? Independence, which absorbs more difficulty for me as I am helpless, anxiety ridden, triple cross three times. I want a student prison and a steel box and then your friend's heart to bail my weakened heart and keep it in my heart. This scale & yet I do not know the severity of this prison, but it is not because I pushed the box and my life.

Note on Method: Using Google Translator, Pastormerlo translated Sonnet 133 multiple times over through languages that spell out the name Shakespeare, with the exception of K: Spanish, Hungarian, Albanian, Esperanto, Serbian, Portuguese, Estonian, Afrikaans, Russian, and English.

Angelo Pastormerlo is currently working on translating/interpolating Allen Ginsberg's Howl into left-handed language (Caw). Somewhere along the way, Mr. Pastormerlo found the power to write a dashingly adequate people's history of Hubert's Dime Museum & Flea Circus, a subject on which he will be delivering a scared shitless lecture at the soon to be launched Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn sometime this year.

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