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132| Two-in-the-Morning Eyes

Eric Hack


Mind-brain cannot sew up these dark hours
Two orbs prickle arid, yet trickle lacrimae commodo
Cerebration sashays to sex, physics, and squirrels
Visions of cyber-trotting, and superannuated tiffs in encore
Multitudinous contemplations clang and smash speedily
Hands turn to tiddle and diddle until discharged
Fagged, energized still, and painted in suspicion
Tarpaulin sheets are sultry, the troposphere benumbing
Ambushed on the DMZ separating cognizance and hibernation
More obscene art and autogenous erogeny to follow

Eric Hack is a graduate student at Excelsior College in Albany, NY. He’s a playwright, author, and graphic novelist. He takes little seriously other than the fun of words. Not really a hipster, but was uncool before uncool was cool.

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