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130| 1:30 am, Spoken in the Backseat of a Souped-up Sunbird

Antonio Vallone


I never saw a goddess go.
— Sonnet 130

Your eyes, Misty, are nothing like the sum
of days we’ll be corralled by our parents
for coming home late. Let me kiss the red
off your lips. Let me see where the tan ends
on your tits and hips. You’re just a girl with black hair
wild as the tangle of my dashboard wires
and I’m a boy. In these deserted parking rows
white lines pattern the asphalt. Feel what
your sweet cheeks on my lap have done. My Levis
mask it. Let me lick your perfumes from the air.
Let me feel your hot breath below my waist.
I’ll turn on the MP3 to a Ke$ha song.
Don’t deny me this heaven. Wait. God, wait.
Walking now will still get you grounded, home late.

Antonio Vallone is Associate Professor of English at Penn State DuBois, publisher of MAMMOTH books (an independent literary press), and poetry editor of Pennsylvania English, published by the Pennsylvania College English Association, the state's branch of the College English Association. He has published several small press collections of poems: The Blackbirds' Applause, Grass Saxophones, Chinese Bats, and Golden Carp. Two collections are forthcoming: American Zen and Blackberry Alleys: Collected Poems and Prose.

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