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13| Cariad & Gwyn

Ivy Alvarez


Are the waves approaching presaging a storm? Let’s prepare
live samphire, waving sages, storm drains filling doubtless give
lease of dull sapphire weaving, sagacious doubts soon decrease.
Werewolves hold woven breaths, grace us sooner, a dullard bear.
Decay and rancour left out bodily, give out warnings, creak boards all day,

uphold the roof of graceless ruin, a foreboding. Something falls, warns of swaying cold.
Know the papers, words left outside its walls, and so and so . . .
Pluck the bare, the woven, falling jester and cloven-hoofed, the faceless luck,
astronomy, fallen portents, dullish fires of countless quality.

Tell me a story, I ask him, tell it stormy, dark and well.
Wind the yarn around your finger, you’ll pull me in, you’ll find.
Derive no breathless pleasure, or wine, or castaway, or tales to thrive.
Art is a colour in your eye. He smiles and writes it down. From air convert,
prognosticate, decide. Drink your stout. We’ll go out, sweet propitious date.

Ivy Alvarez's second poetry collection is Disturbance (UK: Seren Books, 2013). A recipient of writing fellowships from MacDowell Colony, Hawthornden Castle and Fundacion Valparaiso, her work appears in journals and anthologies in many countries and online, including Sou'Wester, Prairie Schooner and Best Australian Poems (2013), with selected poems translated into Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Find her online at

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