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Jehanne Dubrow


Is lust in action clicking on a LINK
that takes you to a screen of slits and tits?
Or private-messaging the girl in pink,
the one who winks and blushes — how she emits
a glow impossible for someone real,
dimensional? Or is it yes and please
tap-tapped into a tiny phone? The feel
of thumb on touchpad, fingertip on keys?
Is it the electronic ads that come
with pics of cunt or ass, a close-up shot
of coming, a shot of cum? Is it the thrum
of a computer turning on? The hot
breath of a laptop? Is it a button pressed?
A cursor moved? A virtual world undressed?

Jehanne Dubrow is the author of four poetry collections, including most recently Red Army Red and Stateside (Northwestern University Press, 2012 and 2010). Her work has appeared in Southern Review, The Hudson Review, Prairie Schooner, and Ploughshares. She is the Director of the Rose O’Neill Literary House and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Washington College.

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