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126| Sonnet 126 Remix

Matthew Hittinger


O fickle sickle, dare
                             you crack the hour's glass
and sieve sand outside Time's funnel
                                                   and curve?

My changeling moon
                                face green-lit in the gas
lamps blue-lit by the laptop
                                          eons since you first

saw my invisible
                          heart in a single candle flame.
You think I heeded that oft
                                        repeated plea : breed

lest my beauty fade lest
                                    it be buried with my name.
What nerve. And yet the eye
                                           corner crease increase

that even the kohl
                          of Horus can't erase took its toll.
This is no Dorian tale.
                                   The missing couplet dares

not speak our quiet “us” name.
                                               Burnt Sappho scroll
parchment, a bracketed dash, count
                                                    and dance stare.

O quick and silent spotted
                                       wing pay your one day
buy forever in the eyes and ohs one
                                                    zero will save.

Matthew Hittinger is the author of Skin Shift (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2012) which earned him a nod on the Poets & Writers Magazine 8th Annual List of Debut Poets. His second collection, The Erotic Postulate, will be released in 2014, also from Sibling Rivalry Press. Matthew lives and works in New York City.

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