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123| The Happiest You’ve Ever Been

Sarah Rubin


This I do vow and this shall ever be;
I will be true despite thy scythe and thee.
— Sonnet 123

You are here: windowless office
with Eames chair replica
facing a three-seater sofa.
Walk in and choose carefully.
Fire complaints
from one end of that couch
and it is yours forever.

You have chosen: this husband.
This therapist. To stay in it.
Listen. Focus your eyes
on the machine-woven rug
bunched up under fake Eames’
feet. Fiddle with your rings
like they do in the movies.

You will see: how much heartbreak
you can bear without dying.
How many times your end of the sofa
swallows you whole. What it takes
to restrain yourself from smoothing
that rug out, week after week.

Sarah Rubin holds a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and is a practicing Reiki master and Kripalu yoga teacher. She writes personal essays for her blog (, and her writing has been featured on a number of other websites. Her love for poetry is a recent, and increasingly obsessive, development in her life.

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