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121| The Eleven Revere the Letter ‘e,’ Remember the Twelfth

A Univocalist Response to Shakespeare’s Sonnet (eleven x eleven=) 121

Erik Schurink


Jeez, remember the Twelfth,
Jezebel’s peer? He resented thee.

We, the Eleven left
we’ve been dejected, shredded. Yes,
we bleed. We wrestle.

We kneel. We weep. We
repent, kneel, weep, repent.

He sentenced thee, yet
we reemerged. We erected
the Reverent See.

Jeez, be seen, re-seen. See,
we repent. Strength, Jeez,
strength we need.

Let’s renew. Redress the helpless herds’
sweet essence. Redeem the herders,
the henchmen.

Remember Perec, the French reject?
He felt hell’s effects. Expelled,
he deferred the end. He
blessed the ‘e,’ the
bereft. He set them free: the
jeweler, the wretch, the bellwether,
her sleepless sheep, the selfless,
the letter. Then
he left. Yet

he’s here.

Erik Schurink is an exhibit designer, poet, and sculptor. He participates in The Writhing Society and occasionally leads it. He is contributing artist to and Galerie de Difformité, which includes his chapbook, “Do not eat this book.” Cryptozoo is a journal in which he and eleven other writers respond to animalistic photographs he shot (Proteotypes, 2012). His Homage to the Hum (Métamatic Research Initiative) is due out in Spring 2015. Erik was born in the Netherlands. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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