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12| Sediment

Douglas Luman


Gather your grit, feinting the barbs
            of need, seasoned serenades of prose & roses,
                        tide seeping tar. You are the rime of an egret,

heart trekking high above the trees, a feather form
            finding freer math of the map above that tin pool
                        where lilacs wilt, serene ferns stir

& words are drawn as arrows, not wards, bathing
            like rattlers in the rays of the sun. You are not
                        grist for the mill. Not straw which burns

carmine, the color of ire,
            but an eagle from an eggshell –
                        wild against a cobalt sky.

Douglas Luman is currently braving the wilds of the Ozarks while pursuing his MFA at the University of Central Arkansas. He is also the Book Reviews editor for the Found Poetry Review.

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