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115| Let's Never Have It All

Randolph Pfaff


A present proposition
about the heart’s past mistakes:
errors were the error of our ways.

I gathered support for this theory
all winter long, while you,
fearing the long nights,
rose with the opening of flowers.

Someone once told me
that it is in our nature
to nurture love endlessly,
never to be done with the infinite.

This lie is a kind of truth
I've been meaning to tell you.
It's complicated, I know.
But what isn't?

Spring is a plenary session
of ecstasy, a gust of warm air
moving north to catch our hearts
and carry them away.

Alas, a change of course,
and a future proposition
about the finite nature
of the present:

If we can’t explain how much
we love someone, then we know
too few words or too little love.

Randolph Pfaff is a poet, editor, and visual artist. His work has been featured in PANK, The Destroyer, H_NGM_N, Revolver, and SLAB, among others. He also edits a literary journal called apt and runs a small press called Aforementioned Productions. He's not very good at free time.

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