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112| To O'ergreen Abysm

Rachel Levens


I, I sense that my neglect changes you.
Your vulgar tongue calls me —
I love how strongly you dispense 112 praises
Upon my right brow
And so methinks you do wrong.
Besides my good sense and/or all my care
I must pity none that know my scandal.
Or, or strive for my shames.
Y’are alive nor dead in my world.
Well to all-the-world voices that mark me bad,
You’re the critic and are ill —
Who stopped my sonnet.
And so throw my profound purpose to all to others
None of which must allow
And/or to my bred doth flatter
Are, are else stamped to adder’s steel’d impression.

Rachel Levens is a theater artist and recent graduate of Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA). She works and lives in Brooklyn, NY and is an active member of the Writhing Society where she is practicing writing with constraints.

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