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109| Rorschach Keeps Watch

Paul Strohm


Don’t blame me for your problems dearie,
I wasn’t with you that much of the time anyway;
In your letters you make me sound dreary
Remember you invited me to the cabaret;
There we sat, talked and you planned our lives,
Others can come and go, I remain constant;
Boys rage and fade but a real man forgives
Knowing a hero now, tomorrow a miscreant.
Please know I hadn’t intended it to end this way,
Day by day life ate up parts of my gentle heart
Turning all my kindness into emotional whey;
Getting banged by a stranger is not always a lark.
      No way I will ever take another of your calls,
      Monkey sex can’t justify another of your brawls.

Paul Strohm is a freelance journalist working in Houston, Texas. His poems have appeared in the Berkeley Poets Cooperative, Green's Magazine, Deep Water Literary Journal and other brave places.

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