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107| Dream Journal: Train Ride

Kathy Gilbert


Summertime. Small child, blond ringlets, in a group of people outside a train station. The cars of the train filled past capacity; no room to board. Adults tell the child that the train is too full, but eager, the boy sees that there is room in the very first car, seated passengers but no standees. He jumps at the chance to board by climbing through an open window. Calling the others to follow him onto the lap of an SS officer. I wake in a panic and stomach ached. Daily residue: in translation class, Paul mentions the story of a child so hungry he bit his father as though feeding.

Kathy Gilbert lives in Daly City but usually can be found writing at the library at SFSU where she earned an MFA in Creative Writng (Poetry) in 2013. She retired from a 32-year career in public transit. She belongs to a dream group, too.

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