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103| Dulling My Lines, and Doing Me Disgrace

RJ Ingram


I reach around for a new kind of quiet
go ahead, tweed & flannel say to the skin of a man
they wash away within the hour of scotch & soda
he is elected to represent a waning sense of crush
to serve hands pressed against the glass
when I am not turbulent the dry edge wrings
from one side of the supermarket to the other
young men take long bus rides to this ritual
the small choices here are difficult
nearby a father smokes a cigarette in a sedan
now that nature is bankrupt why would we live
to stand in the frozen section weighing compote
with our eyes the way we should a lover
my indoors weep at the pause, all quiet shuffles

RJ Ingram is an Ohioan who lives in Oakland, California. His cat Brenda lives in North Carolina and lost her leg while campaigning in the swing states. Upcoming work can be found in Timber, Pinwheel, and Birdfeast.

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