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102| Sweets Grown Common

Niamh J. O'Leary


My favorite part is where we stop talking. Where we wear old sweatpants, not the attractively rumpled pajamas and yoga pants. Where we communicate more by touches than requests. The autumn, past the bubbling anxious growth of spring and the heady heat and dance of summer; the harvest of the love, a time of comfortable plenty, warm rooms and full bellies safe from the night chill. Others can keep the intensity of the early romance, its inherent promise of imminent tragedy (o, Philomel!). They can keep, too, the desire to publish love, to sing it, to photograph, post and tweet it. There is a dullness that comes from use, far more precious than the dullness that comes from polish & display. I choose the hush.

Niamh J. O'Leary is an Assistant Professor of English at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, specializing in sixteenth and seventeenth-century drama. Her articles have appeared in The Upstart Crow and The Shakespearean International Yearbook. Her research focuses on representations of communities of women in Renaissance drama, particularly addressing issues of marriage, maternity, and ethnicity. She is currently writing about women in Shakespeare's Greek and Roman plays; organizing a conference in conjunction with a production of The Two Noble Kinsmen; and, with Christina Luckyj, co-editing a collection of essays on early modern women’s political alliances.

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